About the Artist


        Growing up in the small village of Wallingford, Vermont, I admired the strength and beauty of nature. I started creating art from a young age, drawing and experimenting in photography and sculpture along the way. I have been drawn to animals and people in a profound way, from which I often draw my inspiration. There is an elusive quality to life that can be captured in a photograph, a glance, or a gesture. Since childhood, I have been driven to capture this fleeting quality. I do my best work when I am truly inspired, and I strive to bring that inspiration to life.

        My paintings and pastels are often bold in color, using extensive shading and blending to express the smoothness of skin, hair, and fur. I portray the moods of my subjects through their mannerisms and expressions. For me, the eyes hold the magic that brings a subject to life. I prefer to work with bright hues, often leaving them pure to vibrate and sing off the page. My photography is either nature based or playful and experimental. The types of photography that I enjoy working in the most are macro, long-exposure, and abstract.





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